Solution Name: TAC™: Accelerated Data Availability for AI/ML Predictive Analytics

Challenge: Data Availability for Improved Planning and Decision Making

Focus Area: Data Analysis and Simulations

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Solution Description:

VIA helps the #1 power providers in the US, Europe, and Asia as well as governments and regulators protect more than $1 trillion in energy assets worldwide. Thanks to AFWERX, VIA is already working with the USAF civil engineering division and has implemented our commercial system just 16 weeks after contract signing. VIA’s privacy-preserving analytics platform, Trusted Analytics Chain™ (TAC™) reduces cost and improves service quality of electricity transmission and distribution. TAC™ makes energy data available for AI analysis 10x faster than other analytics approaches. TAC™ securely connects power data, distributed across many locations, to AI solutions like VIA’s commercial predictive maintenance application for transformers, the Global Data Asset Collaborative™ (GDAC™). TAC™’s built-in AI and data tools reduce the cost of ingesting, harmonizing, and cleaning data. TAC™ uses federated learning and distributed analytics to learn across different datasets without centralizing data further, reducing time and cost. Data privacy and security are maintained through a variety of mathematically guaranteed methods, with more than 10 patents pending.

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