Solution Name: High Power Performance and Wide Temperature Range Li-ion Capacitors

Challenge: Fixed and Mobile Energy Storage

Focus Area: Supercapacitor Storage

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Solution Description:

Nanoramic’s FastCap Lithium-ion capacitor is an energy storage device with high energy density and wide temperature range, operating in temperatures as low as -55 ⁰C. Incumbent technologies fall short in either operating temperature, or ESR at low temperatures. A lithium-ion capacitor combines the best features of EDLCs and Li-ion batteries. While EDLCs hold energy using electrostatic charge, and Li-ion batteries use an electrochemical method, Li-ion capacitors use one electrostatic electrode and one electrochemical. The result is a device with better energy density than an EDLC, but without the self-discharge characteristic, and higher durability (more charge-discharge cycles) than a Li-ion battery, without the potential for dangerous thermal runaway.

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Katie Willgoos



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