Solution Name: The Next Generation of Security for Data-in-Flight

Challenge: Data Availability for Improved Planning and Decision Making

Focus Area: Smart Grids

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Solution Description:

Information security is the foundational challenge facing our government, military and commercial enterprises. Threats to our data and communication infrastructure provide adversaries global disruption capabilities while remaining on an "activities short of war" footing. KnectIQ provides the data security, operational agility, and real-time information advantage necessary to dominate across all data and information domains. With a single core solution, KnectIQ provides the capability to secure critical power grid command, control, and information by prohibiting the use of valid credentials by unauthorized and unauthenticated entities. The solution is available now, easy to deploy, fully auditable, less expensive and more secure. KnectIQ stops hackers from gaining access by eliminating all stored keys and allowing true end-to-end encrypted data transmissions. KnectIQ's Zero Trust infrastructure provides continuous tracking and monitoring by delivering real-time alerts on breach attempts. This groundbreaking patented and patent pending technology enables the ultra-secure movement of critical data. Threat surfaces such as stored, static keys and certificates associated with PKI are eliminated.

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Erik Cyre, CDR (RET) USN



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