Solution Name: AeroMINE: Motionless, Simple, Robust, Deployable Wind Technology

Challenge: Fixed and Mobile Energy Generation

Focus Area: Clean Energy Power

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Solution Description:

From the outside AeroMINE is a motionless wind technology that looks like to vertical wings facing the wind. This creates a low pressure, which enters through perforations in the wings. A small internal propeller and AC generator inside a manifold is connected to the hollow airfoils. 5kW Aeromine installs individually or as a system in a row, with units 15 feet apart. Aeromine can be installed on the ground, but makes more energy if installed on an elevation like a leading edge of a building, a row of containers or a ridge. By example, installing 40 Aeromines on a 140,000 sq. ft. building, the row will only use 4% of the roof to deliver 572,172 kWh/year. The equivalent solar panels would take up 46% of the roof to deliver the same amount of energy. Aeromine can be tailored to military applications in size and choice of materials. It installs permanently on buildings, semi-permanently on forward bass and completely mobil in a light weight version. Extremely simple and robust. No lifting equipment needed. Aeromine has been developed in collaboration with Texas Tech University, Sandia National Laboratories and Westergaard

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Carsten Westergaard



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